Thursday, 23 February 2017

Rodney Landela and Kenneth Motshotso update.

July 2016 Kruger National Park Regional Section Ranger,
Rodney Landela and Veterinary Techinician Kenneth Motshotso were arrested by their own KNP field rangers (who report to Rodney) after they had followed up on gunshots they had heard while patrolling.
The two men were found with blood stained shoes, two rhino horns and a rifle.

The field rangers tracked where the two men had fled from and they found the carcass of one white rhino.

Their trial date will begin on 9 June 2017 in the Skukuza regional court.
The defence team is very well funded (of course), so this will give the state a good amount of time to prepare for this very important case as there are many different factors to investigate.

There is very limited information on this case but hopefully we will be hearing a lot more about it from this point on.
As this case has directly affected us, we will do our very best to keep bringing it to the publics attention so that these men will be made examples of and imprisoned for a very long time. 

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