Thursday, 23 February 2017

New Rhino Eye Cover!

Thank you to Marne from Mitat for making this beautiful rhino eye cover.

It's not everyday a lady living in a community in somerset west gets a request for a rhino eye cover.

After a bit of improvising Marne came up with this hand stitched, hand painted cover.
It's a perfect fit and allows us to cover the darted rhinos eyes quickly, helping keep it as calm as we can while we take DNA and chip it's horn.

Thank you Marne!


  1. These rhino eye covers look like they are an excellent way to calm down a rhino. I just hope they are not misused by poachers and for illegal hunting.

  2. Wow. You people are doing great things by taking care to animals. Awesome. Hats off to your efforts and here are my research efforts on Blue Waffles Pictures

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