Sunday, 13 December 2015

"Hope for Horns".

Our very own Rhino Ranger, Dan Fenton, will be embarking on his "Hope for Horns" rhino awareness walk in May 2016.

He will be walking 922 kilometres from Phinda Private Nature Reserve to Botswana's Ramatlabama Border Gate over 45 days.

Along the way Dan will stop at communities and schools to talk about the importance of Rhinos to the environment and how they contribute to ecotourism in South Africa.
This will be another way of reaching local people from very small and often overlooked villages which surround our reserves.
Education has always been Our Horn is NOT Medicine's main objective.

We are very grateful to Pick n Pay for making a R5000 donation to help keep Dan and his teams bellies full throughout their 45 day venture.

If you would like to make a donation to our "Hope for Horns" walk please do so through this link:

All of your contributions will go towards our Rhinos Without Borders project.


  1. This is one commendable effort that you have made here to create about how necessary is it to know about the significance of Rhinos for our wildlife and nature itself.

  2. I like the idea of Hope of Horns. Because many people killed rhinos for medicine purpose so thats reason White rhinos species is not more in this world on April 2018. Mark Hutchinson providing lot of services for survives life of rhinos.