Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The BatHawk keeping eyes on our Wildlife.

Our BatHawk plane is keeping a watchful eye over our wildlife. These are some of our pilot, Bruce McDonalds, photographs taken while on patrol.

This is a very important project but it always comes with running costs and there are a couple of things that we need assistance with at the moment.

*  FUEL:  The plane uses 15-18 liters an hour and we fly 66 hours per month, meaning we use about   1188 liters every month at a cost of R23 000.

*  HANGAR:  To ensure speedy responses, we would like to build a hangar for the aircraft central to the properties that we patrol. At this point we still fly out of Hoedspruit, where the plane is kept. 
Costs for such a Hangar would be R250 000. 

*  Prop:  We are looking to purchase a Variable pitch ground adjustable prop to help with short field take off and landings, which is often the case out in the bush. (R20 000)

The monthly costs for the BatHawk are around R80 000 (Pilot salary, fuel, maintenance) so any donations to keep us up and running are much appreciated. 
Please see our DONATE page.

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