Saturday, 14 February 2015

Well done Chico and Kombi!


They have done it once again!

On Wednesday our tracker hounds had 2 successful contacts with poachers.
The hounds had long tracks to follow before the interceptions by the field teams. 
In both cases poachers were caught, with firearms and poaching equipment being recovered.
During the 2 interactions there was 1 fatality, 1 wounded and arrested and 1 successful arrest.
Fortunately no rhinos were poached!

Well done Chico and Kombi!!!
Congratulations to the teams involved and WOW we are so incredibly proud of the success of the Unitrans Volkswagen Tracker Hound Team.

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  1. Wow , this is great news ! Rhinos need to be protected and we should work together to make this happen. This is a very good initiative , thanks