Monday, 16 February 2015

Our second BatHawk is on the way!

I met the Sheldon Family (Robin, Jim, Alex, Marianne, Kim and Brad) at Ngala Private Nature Reserve last Christmas. The Sheldon's were visiting from the USA and it was their first visit and safari in Africa.
They were very passionate about conservation of all kinds, but the rhino crisis really struck a cord.

On Christmas eve we were out on a game drive when Bruce and Theressa flew over us in the BatHawk. We headed straight to the landing field to meet them and have a coffee.
Jim was so excited about the plane, he was even lucky enough to have a short 'flip' with Bruce.

We were overwhelmed with joy when the Sheldon's contacted us with the news that they would like to make a $40 000 donation.
We can not thank them enough for what they have done.

Its kind acts like these that make me believe that we can make an impact on this rhino war we are fighting.
We are all in it together! No matter where you are from.

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