Saturday, 25 February 2017

Blue Canyon Conservancy needs a headquarters building.

I am very very happy to have joined forces with @nkombe_rhino and support the Blue Canyon Conservancy.
This is a very important piece of land in the greater Kruger National Park and it is home to many species of birds, trees and mammals.
Another concession being targeted by poachers.

We would like to help the Anti-Poaching Unit by building a very much needed headquarters on the land.
They need R100 000 ($7200) to complete this project.

Please consider making a contribution to help this team.

We have a South African and American account for this project.
(501c3 benefits apply). 

Contact Lee-Anne 📧

Thank you!!

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Upgrading to the Savanna aircraft.

I was lucky to be able to fly over the lowveld this morning with our dedicated Bathawk pilot, Bruce McDonald. 

We will be upgrading from the Bathawk to Savanna as they are more reliable and have a faster response time.

We could really use your support to keep our plane flying high.

Be Kind.

The symbiotic relationships between all animals always makes my heart swell.
Here is a picture of a yellow-billed oxpecker hanging onto a white rhino.
The oxpecker will clean the parasites off the rhino and alert it if danger approaches. So the bird has a full belly and the rhino keeps clean.

The leaders of the world need to take lesson from these animals. --We can not isolate ourselves from each other. We need one another. There is no human that walks this planet that is more important than another!!!! We rise by lifting one another.

 📷 @scotty_nyams

New Rhino Eye Cover!

Thank you to Marne from Mitat for making this beautiful rhino eye cover.

It's not everyday a lady living in a community in somerset west gets a request for a rhino eye cover.

After a bit of improvising Marne came up with this hand stitched, hand painted cover.
It's a perfect fit and allows us to cover the darted rhinos eyes quickly, helping keep it as calm as we can while we take DNA and chip it's horn.

Thank you Marne!

Rodney Landela and Kenneth Motshotso update.

July 2016 Kruger National Park Regional Section Ranger,
Rodney Landela and Veterinary Techinician Kenneth Motshotso were arrested by their own KNP field rangers (who report to Rodney) after they had followed up on gunshots they had heard while patrolling.
The two men were found with blood stained shoes, two rhino horns and a rifle.

The field rangers tracked where the two men had fled from and they found the carcass of one white rhino.

Their trial date will begin on 9 June 2017 in the Skukuza regional court.
The defence team is very well funded (of course), so this will give the state a good amount of time to prepare for this very important case as there are many different factors to investigate.

There is very limited information on this case but hopefully we will be hearing a lot more about it from this point on.
As this case has directly affected us, we will do our very best to keep bringing it to the publics attention so that these men will be made examples of and imprisoned for a very long time. 

📷 @stroop_film

Purdy Donation

  • I spent this past Christmas with Brian, Amy, Sam and Andrew Purdy at Ngala. We had beautiful sightings together and a very memorable Christmas as a lion pride "blocked" them inside their tent. 😀

    Not only did they leave me with good memories, but they just made a $15 000 donation to our Bathawk project!

    Without this sort of generosity we could not do what is necessary on the ground.

    So from Bruce, Theresa and everyone here at Ngala ...


    - 100% goes directly to the project.
    - 501c3 Tex benefits.


Monday, 4 April 2016

Eastern Cape massacre.

Thank you to Dr Fowlds and his team for their tireless effort.
The Sibuya team, we are terribly sorry for your loss and we will do our best to keep telling Bingo's and the fallen rhino's stories.

They won't die in vain.